Saturday, December 22, 2007

Show # 21: A Short Holiday Visit with Noro

Hi everyone!

Thanks to Susan for letting me read her Night Before Christmas poem.

I talk about my new Dexter yarns.

Here's my interview with Tina at the Knitting Contessa. If you haven't read her blog--defiantly check it out especially for the interviews, but I'm a regular reader, too!

And the new Noro Kureyon Sock.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Show # 20: the Sock Mafia

Launching a new and legal version of Cosmic Fibers! .com coming soon, and a limited number of wholesale accounts are available. Sock and lace yarns---oooh, bandwagon!

My new yarns:
Smooshy, Chewy, Essential, Gypsyknits, Cherry Tree

Patterns I'm admiring:
Marilinda from Cookie
Slytherin Snake Shadow from Freshislefibers
Aurelia from Elizabeth Manning
Arch-shaped socksby Jen Showalter
Sock Blocker by Marianne Wu

Winner of the Sad Sock Story is:
Tracy and her socks (repaired) are here.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Episode # 19: 2 Socks at 1 Time

Note: The Socks Gone Wrong contest from the last episode is still running! Enter with your Socks Gone Wrong story by commenting on Show #18.

In this episode, I talk about my Renaissance Socks:
Renn socks

And my Ravelry Socks:

And Roman's socks, but I don't have a pic yet.

Great tips on the knittingdaily blog for "Losing the Ladders"

And, a sale (when I get the shop filled this weekend!) on non-repeatable Multilayered Colors in my etsy shop. Free shipping in US and Canada for my listeners--please just drop me a line in the comment box and I'll refund your shipping charge, or send you an amended invoice. Thanks ALWAYS for your support.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Episode # 18: Socks Gone Wrong

Socks gone wrong? Mine have been felted, been too small, too large, fall down and fall apart. How about you? Enter into the contest and tell me about your Socks Gone Wrong Story in the comments. Win yarny goodness!

Poor Juliet needs sock encouragement over at Subknit.

Needle review: my all time faves are the Knit Picks nickel plated, but there are lots of good qualities in other needles out there, too.

Sock yarn/etsy review: Knitting Like Crazy with lovely service, packaging, and color saturation.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Episode #17: Still Stashin' After All These Years

Yep, the yarns come in, the yarns go out. The yarns play penuchle on my...

This week's new arrivals are:
Shibui in Honey
Chewy Spaghetti Sport in Cheeky
Dream in Color Smooshy Sock in Petal Shower
Yarn Love Scarlett O'Hara in Romance
Alpaca Sox in Dried Herbs
Aktion in October Green
Fiesta Baby Boom in Jamaican Spice

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Episode #16 Show Notes

Whoo boy! Lots of reviews this week!

Ultimate Sock Book from Vogue

Harmony needles from Knitpicks

Alphabet stitch markers from JLYarnworks

Heather (55% merino superwash, 30% silk, 15% nylon) debuts from Schaefer Yarn (400 yds/4 oz fingering)

Lovesticks self-striping yarn (400 yd 75% superwash, 25% nylon)

Charity won the skein of Austermann Step. I really, really enjoyed reading all your shopping stories!

Kimmie works on her short-row heel this week

Some heel tips:
Misocrafty's short-row tutorial
Cosmicpluto's is here
And Alison's is here.
For a heel flap, the illustrious Widdershins.
And Mimknits has tips over here.
Ooooh, fancy! A reverse dutch heel by Denise.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Episode #15 Show Notes: Cast On

Cape Cod Roundup:
The Best Sale Section Ever: Ladybug Knitting Shop in Dennis
Best Sock Yarn Selection: Blue Heron Yarn in Barnstable
Best "Serious" Yarns: Adventures in Knitting in Harwichport

New to my stash:
Socks that Rock
Hill Country Yarns
Austermann Step
And some sweatery stuff you wouldn't be interested in. Oh, you were?

Have you seen the new Knitpicks Harmony needles? Yeah, I found them the night before the email splash. Cha-ching! Anyone wanna give me a full set? They're preeeetyyy.
Jury's out on the Addi Lace, though.

Some shops:
Feather Falls Fiber is a listener-run new shop with some looovely colorways and great prices.
Thank Ewe: I've bought from there before and loved their customer service. They used to focus on soft pastely colors, but their newer yarns are deeper and FAB!

In the news:

The second round of the Hill Country Yarn Contest launched on 9/1. Full entry info can be found here, but in essence, you buy a skein of yarn and can enter in. I just got my first skein, and can wholeheartedly recommend it! And $15 is beyond affordable for luxury sock yarn. Winners can win up to $100 worth of Hill Country Yarns, and the winning patterns will go to the members of the second round of the Sock Club. Entries are due 12/31/07, and the signups for the second 3 month round of the Sock Club open 12/1/07.

The New Sock Knitter Series:

Kimmie decides what stitch pattern, how many stitches to use and whether to go toe-up or top down.

for top-down:
Tubular Cast On
Casting on over two needles
Two socks on two circs casting on and setting them up
Or, a magic loop variation
Or, another one

For toe-up:
Judy's Magic Cast On
Cat Bordhi demonstrates Judy's Magic Cast On (video)
And a similar technique here
Twisted German Cast-On (video)
Turkish cast on (also, two socks on two circs)
Square toe cast on
Here is a neat one: Emily Ocker's Circular cast on

I know I have some other ones around here somewhere... From memory, Meg Swansen shows a few in the DVD Knitting Glossary. Try casting one on and then yarn over. Knit the cast-ons and purl the yarnovers (for 1x1 ribbing)

Episode #14 Show Notes

Announcing Potter's Covers!
I'm opening it up to another 25 potential members due to its popularity. Signups will close with the September shipment.

Speaking of, there are some other fun Harry Potter yarns out there--Tyler Macek has a series with some lovely color depth. I know her from the Ravelry yarnies group.

I was reminded that the Loopy Ewe has a referral program that gives the refer-er $5 when a refer-ee signs up and makes their first purchase. If you heard of and started shopping at TLE, please drop Sheri a line or I will for you. 100% of the proceeds will go to yarn for my stash on-show review and listener giveaways.

Listener Questions:

Back to the tidy decreases for the gussets, I have found an alternative to the SSK that is very nice and doesn't require as many steps. I insert the needle in the first stitch as if to knit, and then swing around and insert the needle into the second stitch's back loop--then pulling one stitch through. Tidy and notably quicker for me. Cat Bordhi also has a YouTube video on tidy SSK's. And many other videos I am just exploring. She is a Goddess.

I misspoke
when I was describing my new favorite ssk: you insert your needle knitwise into the first stich, then swing around to insert it into the back loop of the second stitch, finally wrapping your yarn to pull through and enact the decrease.

Socks for Soldiers: This group is about sending gifts of love to our soldiers in the Middle East. Since an army travels not on its stomach, but on its feet, please help us take care of them.

Vegan Sock KAL ummm, self explanatory!

Campanula for the cure KAL This is a group of folks knitting in support of a cure for breast cancer and also collecting donations here.

Kimmie picks yarn out for her first socks. We talk about many considerations in choosing a yarn for your toes.

Here's what she settled on: White Willow in Avalanche


Friday, August 3, 2007

Episode #13 Show Notes

Err...just swag, actually.

Misty Mountain Farms

Interlacement Tiny Toes

Colinette Jitterbug

the Knittery Merino/Cashmeeeeeeeerrrrreeee

Lorna's Laces

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Episode #12 Show Notes

*note* Harry Potter Spoiler is not a real spoiler, just a spoof on knitting and the Harry Potter fervor! At least one listener was mixed up by this!

Sorry for the problems with the first edition! Technical problems involving networking cables that were not actually networked... It's been replaced and only the corrected (thanks, DH!) version is available now.

Mentioned this week:

Hill Country Yarns Sock Club Signups close Aug 15

I just figured out who mentioned me last week--it was Carrie at BritKnitCast--thank you!

The Harry Potter series sock patterns from Gigi Silva (and I'm halfway down the leg of my Bellatrix!

And these great MacKintosh Harry Potter sock yarns, too.

Lookie here at these new sock patterns: Sprung and Chain Lace

Click on the image to have many sizes to choose from!

argyle socks

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sock Yarns

I just realized I hadn't been posting my yarns here!!!! Here are a few pics for you:

from the Painted Sheep:

from Dyeabolical Yarns:

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Episode #11 Show Notes

Fawkes pattern is available at Socktopia. Gigi's at it again!

Jigsaw socks knitalong is starting up! Just email me and I'll invite you to the blog.

My shop updated with the Rocky Horror Picture Show series.

Hill Country Yarns is starting a sock club!

Hogwarts Sock Swap 2
will be opening enrollment on July 14

Belated thank-you to Dyeabolical who sent me an already on the needles skein of DK in Themyscira!

Main Street Yarn and Fibers
are doing a fund raising effort for Annie Modesitt's family called Six weeks of socks/

Hand dyed yarn swap

The Painted Sheep is an indie yarn dyer with a brand-new shop who sent me a lovely skein of Tinsel Toes in Mountain View. And I just love the smell of that Sheep Soap!

My newest yarns are: Elann Esprit, Schaeffer Anne and Bamboozle.

Two listener requests: what manly chevron stitch patterns have you encountered, and have you ever found a non-wool self-striping yarn? Please let us know!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Episode #10 Show Notes

The Loopy Ewe is going to be carrying Wollmeise, with domestic shipping!

Very cool Harry Potter themed socks--three for this month: Bellatrix, Fawkes and ? by Socktopia's Gigi Silva.

Yarns discussed in depth: Schaefer Anne and Tofutsies

Kathy, co-owner of Webs has finally consented to knit a sock. Go on over and cheer her on! Tell them I sent ya. She talks about it in her latest podcast.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Episode #9 Show Notes

More apologies due...this time to Dr. Seuss.

I'm on Ravelry now--username is Dharmafey :)

SSK was the podcast who said socks were on the way, I heard it on another podcast. Overwhelmingly, those who replied to this thread on comments believed that socks are not on the way out at all. Several commented that the hot yarns are online indie dyers, so it's likely that LYS owners would see a drop in mass-produced yarn sales, and a few noted that folks are moving to sport and DK weight yarns for their socks.

How to do 2 socks on 2 circs: listen to my babbling or maybe check here, here, or here.

Check out Erin's Single Sock Liberation and the Jigsaw socks from Pink Monkey Knits. Those and the Sidewinders are next up on my needles. Also, look at these sock blockers! Wow!

And I thought the 52 Pair Plunge was crazy--look here!

On my needles are the Sockapalooooza Japanese Feather socks. Love knitting the pattern and they're working quickly. I'm using Sharing yarns, which I review here.

A local LYS Fingerlakes Fibers will be hosting Cheryl Shaefer on July 15th. I have been invited there to record a podcast which will be really exciting. I will also be reviewing a skein of the Shaefer Anne before then. Also happening soon is the Finger Lakes Fiber Tour, a bit of a yarn and fiber farm crawl and fibery workshops with our famous vineyards thrown in for good measure. This looks like a really rich time and has two sessions. Please check the link for more info. Wow....I might have to save the pennies for that one.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Episode #8 Show Notes

I've got some new fancy things on the blog this week! You'll notice an email link, an RSS show feed and the growing listener blogroll. Please comment anytime to get yourself on the list. It's best to comment on the most recent episode so that I can find it, or email me.

Lookie what I got from my pal Mia

Listen to these Podcasts:
Stash and Burn
Knit Science
Knit Views

Sock Patterns:
Sidewinders sock
Marigold sock

Socks, Socks, Socks, the book I discussed in a prior episode

Where to get indie dyers from one place!
the Loopy Ewe
Violet Green Wool Shop

Monday, June 4, 2007

Episode #7 Show Notes

Hooboy! Good times, Good times...

Apologies to the writers of A Prairie Home Companion

Send me your blog address to be included in the Listener Blogroll

Comment or email me to enter to win the Coriolis Socks--for you or to your favorite charity.


Buy stitch holders at 3 Owls Knitting. I like 'em--I like 'em a lot!

stitch holder

I also mentioned my fave LYS Knitting, Etc, Jitterbug Yarn, Charles' blog

Is anyone morally opposed to replacing the yarn in the winning pattern for the Sockapalooooza socks?

This week's vintage pattern is from Hilde Fuchs (1946)




Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Episode # 6 Show Notes

Let's give these notes a try here...

Here is all my new sock yarn from the Loopy Ewe:

new yarns

left to right: Mermaid
All Things Heather
Louet Gems Pewter
Cider Moon

On the needles:
Dyeabolical Yarns in Hidden Tiger--simple stockinette

Let's hook up at the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Episode # 5 Show Notes

Free online sock knitting tutorials: Sock Basics
CyberSocks Socks on 2 Circs
Knitty's Double Knitting 2 at once
Sock Knitting Tips
Socks 101 with a formula
Silver's Sock Class
Hints and Tips from WoolWorks
Knitty's Socks 101

Winner of the Tofutsies giveaway contest is :
knit_tgz of Knitting through Life in Portugal.

On the needles are:

STR Grasshoppers
Twinkle Toes/ Corealis in Fancy Image DK

New yarn is:

Cosmos from the Yarn Tart

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Episode #3 Show Notes

Episode three can be found here at libsyn!

, the biggest yarn store ever. Plus they're nice.

giveaway—to the person who wants it the most. How can you convince me?
The winner can choose from these two colorways: 733 Get Your Feet Wet or 736 Under Foot

Announcing the winner from last week's contest: Kristin of Krispy Knits

Thank you to my pal Bev—for the Itunes review

New KAL: Summer of Socks 2007, plus a flickr group!

What's on my needles:
Ravenclaw sock #2
Socks that Rock Club Sock

New yarns:

The Old Magician by Miss Vi
BFL sportweight by Epicurious

Labyrinth yarns going up this week.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Episode #2 Show Notes

This episode can be found on Libsyn

Flickr groups:

Sock Knitting
Sock Heaven
Green Socks KAL
Sock Marathon
Sock Knitters Unite
Sock Madness
Model Your Socks
Handknit Socks + Shoes = Happiness Forever
Trekking XXL Socks
Snakes on a Sock!
socks 101 knitalong
Cookie's Sock Creations
Horcrux Socks
Fleece Artist Knits
Scout's Customer's Knitted Swag!
The Jaywalkers
Rockin Sock Club 2007
Wee Tiny Sock Swap

Yarn Pirate
Monkey Toes
Seize the Diamondbacks
TheKnitter SOTM Club
blue moon fiber arts
stripey socks group
Sundara Yarn Junkies
Wollmeiseholics Anonymous
socks with shoes
Loopy Ewe Groupies
sock rules
Opal yarnbabies
*heart* Blue Moon Fiber Arts
Nancy Bush
Zen String in action

My first Toe-Ups
Monkey Swap

My recently finished socks on my personal blog

Sock Yarns Du Jour:

Cosmic Fibers
Pigeon Roof Studios


Just submit a comment or send an email to to be entered into a drawing for a small prize including my magazine copies of IK patterns are were republished in Favorite Socks as well as a custom sewn sock knitting walkaround pouch.

Vintage Pattern:

This children's sock is from Bernat Handicrafter #46 from 1955. You can't see the full pic here on blogger, but if you click it, it will go to flickr where you can see the full image in many sizes.

boys sock image

boys sock

sock directions