Sunday, August 19, 2007

Episode #14 Show Notes

Announcing Potter's Covers!
I'm opening it up to another 25 potential members due to its popularity. Signups will close with the September shipment.

Speaking of, there are some other fun Harry Potter yarns out there--Tyler Macek has a series with some lovely color depth. I know her from the Ravelry yarnies group.

I was reminded that the Loopy Ewe has a referral program that gives the refer-er $5 when a refer-ee signs up and makes their first purchase. If you heard of and started shopping at TLE, please drop Sheri a line or I will for you. 100% of the proceeds will go to yarn for my stash on-show review and listener giveaways.

Listener Questions:

Back to the tidy decreases for the gussets, I have found an alternative to the SSK that is very nice and doesn't require as many steps. I insert the needle in the first stitch as if to knit, and then swing around and insert the needle into the second stitch's back loop--then pulling one stitch through. Tidy and notably quicker for me. Cat Bordhi also has a YouTube video on tidy SSK's. And many other videos I am just exploring. She is a Goddess.

I misspoke
when I was describing my new favorite ssk: you insert your needle knitwise into the first stich, then swing around to insert it into the back loop of the second stitch, finally wrapping your yarn to pull through and enact the decrease.

Socks for Soldiers: This group is about sending gifts of love to our soldiers in the Middle East. Since an army travels not on its stomach, but on its feet, please help us take care of them.

Vegan Sock KAL ummm, self explanatory!

Campanula for the cure KAL This is a group of folks knitting in support of a cure for breast cancer and also collecting donations here.

Kimmie picks yarn out for her first socks. We talk about many considerations in choosing a yarn for your toes.

Here's what she settled on: White Willow in Avalanche